LULU Copenhagen Blink Necklace Silver Shiny

LULU Copenhagen

SFr. 79.00

The heavily eye lined eyelash tells the story of being out having fun. Sending signals thru a room. Having a flirt without words. It's a highly feminine signal. Our idea was to capture all these signals in a simple and minimal design for you to wear even without the real lashes.

The BLINK bracelet is a little sister to our signature BLINK ring from 2013. 

As in all our pieces we work only with high quality, handmade and detailed craftsmanship. BLINK has a by danish law certified LULU stamp and a 925 Sterling Silver mark as well. The shiny gold plated version is made of 18 Carat gold plating with a high micron level.

  •  45 cm, adjustable
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Shiny surface
  • Also available in gold plated